Because intelligence texts can be the key to prosecuting Trump

Finding those intelligence texts could actually make the difference between Trump who won the presidency in 2024 or Trump who was sentenced in 2024.

According to Hayes:

Well, here it is are even more missing texts.

The Washington Post now reports that January 6 text messages from Donald Trump’s Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli have disappeared. This is in addition to all the secret service text messages relating to the 6th that have also disappeared. For a seemingly apolitical organization like the Secret Service, this has become a huge scandal. And this is Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the will of voters to end American democracy. “

Similar to the military, whenever there is a significant event that impacts the intelligence mission, there will be a post-action report that will require any spark of evidence that exists. Communication between agents is not a spark. Maybe that’s the key. So why are they missing? He screams that the lyrics are proof of a monstrous crime; therefore, it is better to take the risk of a crime for the destruction of government documents.

“The January 6 Committee provided plenty of evidence showing that Trump wanted to use the secret services as a personal armed guard. That he wanted to personally lead the mafia to the Capitol during the insurrection to … interrupt the peaceful transfer of power. And to take that the final step and basically crown yourself as president again. And he wanted the secret services to help him. We now know that Trump was aware that much of the mafia was armed. Apparently Trump wanted the secret services to remove the metal detectors in the ellipse speech, where he started the riot. “

The texts would be the last necessary proof of Trump’s motivation, much stronger than eyewitness testimony. And then the final point, the key to everything.

“All of this speaks, of course, of how central the secret services were in the full picture of Donald Trump’s coup attempt. We know they were deeply involved in the monitoring and planning of both Trump and Pence during, before and after the insurgency. But despite this, it appears that the January 6 committee knows surprisingly little about the internal deliberations of the secret services of that period. When the agents did and said. Last month, for example, Florida Congressman Stephanie Murphy said sot Tony Ornato is a key figure because he served as both Deputy Chief of Operations for the White House and as Head of Trump’s Secret Service, and was not available for his testimony with the committee. Especially compared to Mark Meadows aide, Cassidy Hutchinson.

And it all explains why the secret services may have decided: “We just have to swallow what is horrible and erase it now.” Because if there is a text that states that Trump wants Pence out of the Capitol, now perhaps dozens of people face prison, including Trump.

Yes, such an accusation would likely plunge the country into violence. But not prosecuting Trump throws the country into a situation where you can literally almost kidnap the vice president (if the evidence shows) and suffer no consequences. If those consequences are not addressed, the country is no longer a democracy. Democracies don’t give people a free chance for a coup.