How To Repair Oily Hair: 5 Ways To Repair Oily Hair

The first thought for knowing how to fix oily hair is what healthy hair means to have some natural shine. Capture the light, show off the volume and body of your hair. But it can also be of those “too much of a good thing” situations when your hair becomes also brilliant. This is usually caused by an overproduction of sebum in the scalp, which then works its way through the strands and makes you look a little, well, greasy.

It happens to all of us and every guy needs to find a solution that works best for him. Sometimes it means replacing a hair straightener or even a conditioner. Sometimes it means less shampooing, or even more strategically. So read on for five key strategies on how to fix oily hair.

1. Reconsider the frequency of shampooing

No, this is not a passive aggressive way to tell you to wash your hair more. Rather, you need to work towards a more optimal frequency (which means washing your hair more or less than usual). The weak point of shampoo for most guys is every third or fourth day, sometimes less.

The idea here is that people do shampoo everyday it will often “train” the scalp to produce excess sebum in a reaction to constant dryness. So, by making a slightly less shampoo, you can in turn train your scalp to produce less oil and go longer between washes (which also benefits the strands themselves, not depriving them of essential oils).

Then, start with shampooing every other day and get rid of any greasiness on the second day. And if you still have trouble navigating that space …

2. Consider dry shampoo

Yes, there are two types of shampoos, at least in name. There is the normal “wet” shampoo you use in the shower, which is soapy with water. Then there is the option of dry application, or dry shampoo, which is typically a powder-based product. These products absorb excess oil at the root of the hair and around the scalp, which then gives the hair additional volume and lift (as it is no longer weighed down by the excess oil).

Dry shampoos tend to “buy time” between normal shower shampoos, but they should never replace the actual act of washing your hair, as that same dust can build up on the scalp. (It also needs to be washed off.) So, our advice is to use dry shampoo products the day before shampooing. This can be every other day or every three days, so the frequency will also match the frequency of shampooing.

Make sure you target the scalp with your dry shampoo and not the hair itself.

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3. Use water-based matte stylers

One of the reasons to use water-based hair products is because they rinse out of the hair (even without shampoo), which makes it easier to shampoo less, reduce scalp buildup, and keep hair looking “clean”. “. And then, of course, it also prevents hair shine like many oil-based products.