Lady Gaga officially joins “Joker: Folie à Deux” along with Joaquin Phoenix

News of a Todd Phillips sequel joker the movie came out in early June and now we’ve been given a big twist on what to expect from the next chapter of the nihilistic clown franchise. As previously reported by The Hollywood reporters, Lady Gaga has officially joined the cast to play the role of the partner and lover of the Joker, Harley Quinn, and, apparently, the film will be a musical.

Gaga tweeted a teaser on August 4 confirming the news, as well as rumors that Joker: Folie à Deux will be released on October 4, 2024. This track with news that filming will begin later this year. The Wrap states via inside information that the film will largely take place in Arkham Asylum, where the first film with Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck was discontinued. This would make sense given that “folie à deux” roughly translates to “shared madness” and in most iterations, the asylum is where Quinn and the Joker meet, with her acting as a doctor who ultimately corrupts.

The prospect of casting Gaga is intriguing. She proved her true acting of hers with an acclaimed delivery A star was born It’s inside House of Gucci showed a strong command of melodrama. the first joker the film is on the border between psychological drama and operational tragedy and Gaga could prove to be a perfect contrast for Arthur Fleck. He has the skills to keep up with the changing tones of the film and of course, if the musical angle turns out to be true, he will lead the cast into that department.

The live Harley Quinn role was recently played by Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Birds of Prey Other The suicide squad. In 2021, comic news source That Hashtag Show reported that Warner Bros. was making a Birds of prey sequel, but that Robbie would not reprise his role. Phillips previously stated that he would not incorporate Robert Pattinson’s Batman character into the film joker movies, so it seems unlikely that there will be any connection to any other existing DC Comics movies.

The claim that the film will be a musical is even more surprising than Gaga joining the cast. But two of the most cited scenes of 2019 joker are the merry Phoenix dance down a staircase with the soundtrack of “Rock and Roll Part 2” and another of him dancing in a bathroom to the rhythm of one of composer Hildur Guðnadóttir’s soundtracks (for which he won a Oscar), so perhaps this inspired the writers to delve into the musical aspect of the film.

In an interview with The Guardians, Guðnadóttir said she was blown away by how Phoenix’s performance synchronized with her score. “It was completely unreal to see the physical embodiment of that music. Her gestures with her hands were the same kinds of movements I felt when I was writing music. It was one of the strongest moments of collaboration I’ve ever experienced ”. A musical joker the sequel would obviously provide more opportunities for Phoenix’s kinetic acting style.