Semi-digital clothing designs: Semi-digital clothing design

The FFFACE x FINCH collaborative limited fashion capsule includes unique and striking semi-digital clothing designs. These silhouettes proudly boast the work of seven world-renowned artists. Brands see it as the “first ever” release of semi-digital apparel, complete with 3D animation for content creation. This opportunity gives you the ability to “customize your digital look” and falls into the Augmented Reality category.

Semi-digital clothing models include works by such artists as МАНЖОС, Snizhana Chernetska, Ines Alpha, Wondermilk Studio, Aleksey Efremov and others. The wearer can point their camera phone at the unique QR code at the bottom right of the shirt. This will trigger a dynamic art-based 3D animation that can be used in Instagram Stories.

Image credit: FFFACE x FILLINO