Bulwark’s Jonathan Last loses his mind (or what’s left of it) to Peter Meijer for criticizing Democrats for meddling in the primary race – twitchy.com

GOP representative Peter Meijer seemed to possess many of the qualities The Bulwark would look for in a politician. Or at least one very, very important quality: Meijer was willing to criticize Donald Trump.

For a while, that alone made The Bulwark a fan of hers. But evidently it is no longer enough for them:

“Is there much need for a real speech?” First of all, the idea that something from The Bulwark could be “very necessary” is ridiculous. And secondly, there is nothing “real” about Last’s real speech. It’s true upset but that’s it:

Here’s the rest of that section, which is also amazing:

I want to emphasize again two passages of his little one cri of heart. Bear me:

I was immediately censored by two county parties in my old district. In my new district, the Republican Party in the larger county disowned me a few weeks ago. The Michigan GOP president joked about my assassination. There have been too many online threats to count.

Watching this unraveling within my party was absolutely disconcerting. The only thing that was more sickening it was the ability of my Democratic colleagues to sell off any pretense of principle for political expediency. . .

Pause here for a second: Peter Meijer says Democrats opportunistically posting a negative ad accurately describing his opponent was more sickening from members of his own party threatening him with violence and death.

I’m sorry, but this is forked.

What is forked is that Jonathan Last is completely on fire on Peter Meijer. Meijer was absolutely right in criticizing the DCCC for meddling in its primary election against far-right conspiracy theorist John Gibbs (yes, their advertisements about Gibbs were apparently negative, but they highlighted a number of qualities of Gibbs that would make him much appeal to pro-Trump Republican voters).

Maybe that’s the problem, actually. Meijer does not follow The Bulwark’s Principled Conservative ™ line. He is calling the Democrats. The same Democrats that The Bulwark has embraced with open arms and promoted on every occasion.

Republican Policy 101: You Don’t Trust The Democrats And You Don’t Trust The Bulwark.

Well … yes. It probably should have happened a long time ago.

From the beginning. As disgusting as they are, they are extremely committed to staying true to their brand.

Unfortunately, it upsets us less and less. Check out Principles The First Flag-waver Heath Mayo:

So, Peter Meijer behaved like a mature adult – the opposite of how Donald Trump regularly behaves – and now this is a problem for the Principled Conservatives ™ crowd?

good God Get out of here with that BS.

Maybe you’re just a jerk.



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