Your complete shopping guide by Todd Snyder, the patron of approachable menswear

Todd Snyder is a modern American menswear master. Before making headlines by spearheading J.Crew’s first comeback in the late 2000s, the Midwestern designer cut his teeth with Ralph Lauren. So he’s no surprise that his namesake brand combines elements of what his names on his CV do best: an uncompromising commitment to accessible craftsmanship and a firmly placed finger, but not also firmly, in step with the fashion scene.

You could click on the brand’s website blindfolded and easily land on something that would enhance your wardrobe. But if you’re not exactly the gambling type (no matter how good the odds are), your local professional window dressers, that’s us !, they’re here to help. Of course, we have a lot of love for Snyder’s entire product range, but there is I am specific areas where the brand truly excels. So, whether you’re at the Madison Square Park flagship, or the historic Liquor Store, or just browsing Todd Snyder’s website, these are the categories worth checking out first.

First-rate tailoring

As one of the driving forces behind J.Crew’s rebirth, Todd Snyder helped bring the dress back to the fore in men’s wardrobes and his namesake label picks up where it left off. and historical fabric suppliers, Snyder’s tailoring program has become a go-to for any dude who needs a blazer, suit, or tuxedo. And if the out-of-the-box options aren’t built in enough for you, the brand also offers bespoke services so you can grab the most suitable option possible.

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Double-breasted suit jacket in Italian deconstructed linen by Todd Snyder

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Todd Snyder Dress trousers in soft Sutton linen in Italian linen

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Soft Italian sports coat by Todd Snyder

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Todd Snyder Sutton tuxedo jacket with shawl collar

Swagger polo shirt

Science has told us that polo shirts make you look sexier. And, sure, you could buy another brand’s polo shirt, but you’d be hard pressed to find one that fits you well and feels as good as Snyder’s. The brand sells them in cashmere, merino wool, silk, linen and many other decadent fabrics to keep you at the peak of sensuality 365 days a year. You may not actually be a megawatt celebrity, but in one of these you may be too.

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Todd Snyder double stripe terry polo shirt

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Todd Snyder Montauk sweater in bird’s-eye cotton-silk

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Todd Snyder polo shirt with vertical stripes with full plate

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Todd Snyder long-sleeved polo shirt with braided tip

Soaked retro Champion sweatshirts

Todd Snyder’s long list of collaborators is, well, long. But the designer’s multi-year collaboration with Champion stands out, so much so that it deserves its own listing on Snyder’s website. It’s kind of hard to make something as good as a Champion hoodie even better, but somehow, somehow, the designer manages to do just that. The relationship consistently produces hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts that blend throwback style with a modern twist, and if your sweatshirt game is in dire need of an update, this is the place to start.

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Todd Snyder x Champion sun-faded midweight pocket sweatshirt

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Todd Snyder x Champion midweight popover hoodie

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Todd Snyder x Champion 7 “mifeweight warm up shorts sun washed

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Todd Snyder x Champion Runway Toe Tee

Timex watches worthy of the Grail

Normally, watches of this caliber would take you back a few generations of savings. But Todd Snyder’s ongoing connection with Timex’s budget watch experts made it financially feasible, indeed, responsible! The duo regularly releases new heat that stimulates the pulse at a cadence on par with the average streetwear brand, and like any tail-inducing sneaker, they regularly wear out quickly.

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Timex + Todd Snyder Q blackout clock

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Timex x Todd Snyder Utility Ranger watch

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Timex x Todd Snyder Watch Modern art

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Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin date watch

Outerwear ready for the red carpet

Take a look at a given paparazzi photo or a high-wattage press conference from the past couple of years and you’ll notice a recurring theme: Todd Snyder’s outerwear is featured. Celebrities can’t stop strolling up to movie previews wearing any number of stylish Snyder joints, and for good reason. His experience in tailoring naturally lends itself to well-cut jackets and coats that are flattering to almost anyone and will last much longer than the next short-lived Netflix pilot.

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Todd Snyder’s “Dylan” jacket in Italian suede

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Todd Snyder’s official double-breasted coat in Italian wool

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Todd Snyder Selvedge Denim Jacket

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Todd Snyder field jacket in Italian cotton and linen

Plus a little help from friends

Some of the best things you’ll encounter at Todd Snyder aren’t Todd Snyder at all; the impeccable taste of the designer also extends to his talent for curating. Online or in-store, you’ll find quality brands with a rich history and stellar track records. Whether it’s loafers from a legendary English shoemaker, a travel bag from an artisan handbag maker or handmade sunglasses from some of the coolest labels in the world, Todd Snyder hosts one of the best multi-brand selections on the market.

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Câbleami linen checked fisherman hat

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DS & Durga Amber Kiso eau de parfum

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