One Piece Manga sets the Guinness World Record with over 500 million publications – News

Nearly 417 million in Japan, over 100 million in 60 overseas territories

shueisha announced it on Thursday Eiichiro Oda‘S a piece the manga has surpassed 500 million copies published worldwide since the release of the 103rd volume of the book compiled on the same day. 416,566,000 of these copies are in Japan and 100 million copies are in 60 countries and territories outside of Japan. (In the past, shueisha used the Japanese term for “published” in reporting his manga statistics, but made it clear that these figures include both print and digital copies.)

The manga set a Guinness World Record in June 2015 for having 320,866,000 copies worldwide as of December 2014. The world record is for “Most copies published for the same comic series by a single author”. With today’s announcement, the manga has updated its Guinness World Record.

Oda took a month-long hiatus on June 27 to prepare for the manga’s “final saga,” and returned on July 25.

As of July 2021, the manga had 490 million copies in circulation worldwide.

Jumping Shonen weekly had made fun of him in August 2020 a piece it was “headed for the upcoming final saga”. The manga is currently nearing the finale of the Wano Country story arc.

Oda began serializing the manga in Jumping Shonen weekly in 1997. Viz Media publishes the manga in North America.

the franchising has the upcoming One piece red film anime film due out in Japan on Saturday. a piece is also inspiring an adaptation of a Hollywood live-action series of Netflix.

Source: Comic Natalie