Donald Trump’s outburst urging Russia to keep US basketball star Britteny Griner in prison and not swap prisoners is proof of his racism and alignment with all things Russia. The Trump base is a shame, he has nothing to do with being a Republican and it all has to do with elevating a racist and undemocratic extremist to political relevance. The black community, millennials, Generation Z, the LGBTQ community, women and Republicans who want to get their party back better stand up and vote in numbers never seen before. Mental health professionals have warned that Trump exhibits malignant traits of narcissism and sociopathy and that he must be kept out of power.

This perfectly describes Trump’s personality and temperament. It is not a leftist opinion. Watch his demonstrations, listen to his speeches and analyze his policies. Even a trait on the sociopath list should disqualify a person from becoming president of the United States. Sociopaths embrace cruelty, corruption and display delusional grandeur. Most of Trump’s base exhibits traits that are indicators of mental problems such as psychosis, delusional thinking, grandiosity, and addictive / compulsion behaviors. The Trump cult has nothing to do with conservatism and has everything to do with the power of a sect leader whose racism has captured the loyalty of evangelicals and white supremacists.
Trump’s narcissistic insecurity oozes from him at every rally, interview and in the way he treats people. The pervasive bragging of him is noteworthy, his lack of compassion is cruel, and his rhetoric against non-whites and non-Christians is dangerous. Demographic groups that he “does not” mention, such as the poor and the disabled, are indicative of a personality lacking the capacity for empathy.
Brittany Griner represents everything Trump hates: blacks, black athletes who stand against him, strong and successful women, and members of the LGBTQ community. You are a traitor to a former US president to promote the incarceration of a US citizen by a foreign opponent. You disrespect American values ​​and threaten our national security. You are the only US politician who does not see Russia as an opponent. There are so many reasons that justify a ban on running for office or being covered up in the national media. Her outburst against Griner is red meat to her base and one of the many anti-American actions she took during and after her presidency.

Griner is one of the many black athletes that Trump has publicly vilified and abused from his base.

Black athletes who oppose him or claim issues he opposes have been targets of Trump’s revenge. Colin Kaepernick knelt down to protest racial injustice by law enforcement against blacks, and Trump twisted the message of that protest to be anti-American. Trump is too unintelligent to understand the appropriateness of the protest gesture during the national anthem. Kaepernick, clearly a deeper thought and more character than Trump, reminded us that the flag and anthem symbolize the American value that all people are equal. It was not an attack on American democracy, but rather a reminder of its importance. Trump never misses an opportunity to publicly denigrate a black person. Lebron James supported Hillary Clinton for the presidency and expressed his opposition to Trump. With a racist response, Trump has labeled Lebron as stupid, one of his favorite comments of him when he refers to a black person of notoriety who doesn’t support him. After an interview, Lebron made with Don Lemon, Trump, the “stable genius”, called Lemon “the stupidest man on television”. We know that if Trump’s transcripts had been meaningful, the world would have seen them by now. Who is the mannequin?

Thousands of mental health professionals have sounded the alarm since 2016 that Trump displays malignant narcissism traits and a sociopathic personality. His racist, violent and hateful rhetoric against immigrants, non-republicans, non-Christians and women’s rights demonstrates the cruel, empathetic, manipulative, dishonest and ego-maniacal behaviors that have divided the country, and its last outburst against Britteny Griner should be proof enough that she is below the office of president or even citizenship. When Obama apologized on behalf of America during a trip abroad during his presidency, Trump called him a traitor. Trump has incited an insurrection, which has been indicted twice, lies and favors our enemies over our allies. He will never hold office again if those who hate him go to vote.

Published by rebeccasperber