Google Duo begins name change

It’s only been a couple of days since we updated you on the Google Duo transition to Google Meet, and we already have another one. Google tells us today that the icon and name change for Google Duo, turning it into Google Meet, is starting its launch today.

We previously told you that after adding all the features of Google Meet to Google Duo, Google would change the name of Duo to Meet by the end of the year. According to Google, that change will actually begin today in a phased rollout that could take several weeks to complete. By September, the full rollout is expected to take place, with all users seeing an icon and a name change.

In addition to changing Duo to Meet, the old Google Meet you currently have on your phone will be renamed to “Meet (original)” if it hasn’t already been. As you can see above, mine has already changed.

So, starting today, Google is changing the brand to show Google Meet. In the “next few months”, it will be redirected to

Google Play link: Google Duo