“I’m not mad like yesterday but I’m still not very happy” “Better get used to this shit for a while”

The Washington Nationals played against the New York Mets in their first game since trading Juan Soto at the trading deadline. The Mets were more than happy to deliver a 9-5 loss to the Nationals due to their weakened roster. This could be the new norm for national teams and their fans will have to adapt to a team without a superstar.

This was always the expected result, but it still hurt fans who had a semblance of hope. With the score 9-0 at the end of the ninth inning, the Nationals showed respectable resilience. This display of resilience hasn’t helped the already saddened fans of the Nationals much.

@Nationals I’m not as angry as I was yesterday but I’m not really happy yet

This loss may hurt now, but it may become an all-too-familiar feeling as the season goes on.

@Nationals Better get used to this shit for a while …

Three years ago, the Washington Nationals were at the top of the MLB as World Series champions. They are now a team that is looking for a long rebuild that is almost completely devoid of the stars that brought them to the promised land. Although this defeat to the New York Mets hurts due to how long after the Soto trade took place, fans realize that the losses will continue.

How did adding the bullpen work? lol. What a disaster this series of Nationals has been.

A number of Washington Nationals fans have made it clear that they will never stop supporting their team.

@Nationals I have to stay with our team and continue to support them. Strive to preserve

The Soto operation will be examined for a long time and we will not know who won the operation for many years.

@Nationals The only way they lose you guys is if A we bring Soto back or B these prospects get out

The New York Mets handed the Washington Nationals their first defeat since the trade deadline and cemented Soto’s loss to many fans.

The New York Mets continue to be one of the best in the National League with victory over the Washington Nationals

Buck Showalter, manager of the New York Mets
Buck Showalter, manager of the New York Mets

The Mets have only fewer wins than another team in NL and have been a constant threat all season. This match also saw the return of stellar pitcher Jacob deGrom, which gave the Mets even more advantage. Along with Max Scherzer, the Mets have the best duo of starting pitchers in the MLB.

The playoffs will not be in the cards for the Washington Nationals this season and the wins will likely be few and far between. The first game without a franchise player will always be exciting, and those emotions have been compounded by a defeat.

The Mets are a growing team while the Nationals are in sharp decline. This game was a good representation of the skills of the two teams.