Reds fans see signs of a dominant future

(Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

As expected, the Cincinnati Reds have been sellers upon the expiration of the trade, trading players like Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle, and Brandon Drury.

But they have a lot of solid prospects in return, which sets the stage for a bright future.

In fact, some of the young pitchers the Reds already had before the fire sale deadline have pitched pretty well lately.

Rookies Nick Lodolo, Hunter Greene and Graham Ashcraft have had dominant outings in their most recent starts.

Stats By STATS tweeted what the numbers were for each of the Reds’ young starters in their latest starts.

Both Lodolo and Greene have gone six innings and eliminated at least seven, while Ashcraft went 8.1 innings without goals.

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This may be a little glimpse of the future for Reds fans.

These three young stallions have really made a quantum leap in their latest starts.

If they continue to dominate like this, the Reds will have a bright future.

Could these three have the Reds spinning in a few years?

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You must be thrilled to see him if you’re a Reds fan, especially as this season hasn’t been a season worth getting terribly excited about.

Greene and Lodolo both have bright futures and could be the headliners of the Reds’ next big rotation.

But when you look at Ashcraft, it has some pretty solid numbers on its last start.

It will take a while for the Reds to compete again, but these three starters could be one of the main keys to Cincinnati’s next great team.

Fans can surely dream.

Maybe your dreams will come true soon.