‘Batgirl’ may just be the first major victim in the Warner Bros / Discovery Shake-Up

With more ways than ever for movies to be released, it has become relatively rare for a full movie to actually be banned with no road to release. But for variety, this is exactly what Warner Bros. is doing bad girl, the superhero film led by Leslie Grace and directed by Bad boys for life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

of variety sources said the decision to shelve the film was not based on the quality of the film itself, but because its more modest size and budget do not match plans for future DC Comics films, which are meant to be event images dominated by the spirit of the times. According to The Hollywood reporters, the study’s current content strategy does not involve spending large sums on direct-to-streaming capabilities. By the end of 2022, the release of DC is expected black adam, which stars Dwyane Johnson, as well as Shazam! Fury of the gods, a sequel to the surprise hit of 2019.

the Shazam! franchising offers an intriguing point of comparison bad girl The 2019 film had an estimated budget of between $ 80 million and $ 100 million, which is pretty low for a superhero movie released in theaters. According to Variety, Batgirl A budget of $ 75 million was originally planned, but ended up approaching $ 90 million when it hit post-production, which would seem to put it right in the Shazam! Area.

In an Instagram post, the directors express their disappointment with the film being shelved. “As directors, it is imperative that our work be shown to the public and, although the film was far from finished, we wished that fans around the world would have had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film on their own.” , they wrote.

Despite a relatively manageable budget and a streaming version, bad girl it was poised to be a great release deal in its own right. The supporting cast included JK Simmons reprising the role of Commissioner Gordon, Internet champion Brendan Fraser playing the villain and greatest Big Deal: Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, his first time reprising the role. in 30 years. Keaton should also appear rapid, which has its complicating factors :. that $ 200 million superhero epic stars controversial actor Ezra Miller, whose pervasive legal woes dominated the headlines in 2022.

the bad girl the news comes during a period of change and upheaval at Warner. As part of an upcoming merger with Discovery, several high-profile executives including CEO Jason Kilar and HBO chief Max Andy Forssell will leave the company. In 2021, Warner pioneered the release of major films such as Dune Other Godzilla vs. Kong simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, but discontinued it for 2022, with Kilar admitting that the strategy was not well executed. As indicated in the Deadline, the bad girl the decision reflects Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, Kilar’s successor, who wants to distance himself from the company from the Kilar regime and also take advantage of what is called a “purchase accounting” move available only for a short amount of time. In recent weeks, Warner Bros. has removed several streaming-exclusive features from HBO Max, a possible sign of the studio’s future plans, amid growing rumors that the service will abandon the HBO Max originals altogether.

These front-page moves echo the turmoil around streaming cinema that has been a constant theme in 2022. In June, The Hollywood reporters published an article stating that the Netflix company was changing its approach and would give the green light to fewer high-budget projects by famous directors, such as that of Martin Scorsese The Irish. The embattled streamer’s stock value fell this year, Peacock reportedly did not add paid subscribers in the second quarter of 2022, while Disney + experienced staggering growth., but it is Lady Marvel the series is not reaching the same heights of viewers as previous programs.