all at once comes out with live studio performances of “RIVALS”, Cover of “Kokoroe” – Interest

In this entry of Anime Songs Party, musical duo everything at once brought some groovy and funky beats to the Japanese cultural transmission study by running “RIVALS” (Shoot! Goal for the future final theme) and a cover by Strada del Maggiore“Kokoroe” (principal opening theme) together with the hosts Yohei Onishi and singing cosplayer hikar

The duo also talked about their love for The characters principal anime and gave some sound suggestions on how to sing “RIVALS” in the interview segment of the show.

everything at once it’s a j pop duo made up of fellow graduates of the Itsuki and Narito music school. Their latest song, “RIVALS”, is the ending theme song for The Shoot! Goal for the future; apart from that, the duo also contributed to the opening and closing of the themes for the Case closed souls.

The Anime Songs Party is a new fan participation program. The program is looking for international participants for covers of anime songs both as soloists and as a band. More information can be found on its official website

Disclaimer: Anime news network is an overseas media partner for the Anime Songs Party.