Stella Donnelly releases new song “How Was Your Day?”

Stella Donnelly has unveiled a new song called “How Was Your Day?”. It’s her latest offering from her next album Flood, after the previous entries “Lungs” and the title track. Listen to it below.

“This is my attempt to build a song from a very specific dynamic between two people involved in a monogamous way,” Donnelly said of “How Was Your Day?” in a statement. “The verses are just excerpts from real conversations, snippets of what two people are talking about when they both know they need a real speech but neither of them want to be the one to get it out. This song has come off the block and seen a lot of it. friends break up or get married.

The new single comes paired with a video directed by Nick Mckk and Claire Giuffre. “This video really does a great job of portraying how annoying I am!” Donnelly added. “We shot it from opposite sides of the world, which was a bit stressful but a lot of fun.”

Flood will be released on August 26 via Secretly Canadian.