Seth Rogen is still blond and he is still awesome

Seth Rogen, like his longtime friend Jonah Hill, recently went bleach blonde and it suits him. As does Hill, a native of Los Angeles: Rogen, born in Canada, really seems to be dressing up for Southern California bliss, and it shows.

Take, for example, Rogen’s recent smoke break outfit: a sunny patchwork shirt, casual terra cotta pants, slip-on espadrilles, and a very rigorous Ian Charms necklace (a favorite of Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson). It is the quintessential casual dress of someone who, in 2022, likes to get a little out of the oven and making gloopy pottery in his SoCal bungalow. Nothing like dressing for the job you want! (And have.)

And here’s the blonde Rogen at an event for her Hulu series Pam and Tommy on June 12, 2022 in Los Angeles.Axel / Bauer-Griffin

And if you want to get some SoCal polish, the bleached cut can work wonders. Although a long list of famous testimonials: Ye, Bieber, Pharrell, Joe Jonas, Zayn Malik, Chris Messina, Dylan O’Brien and his father Other Beckham’s sons among them – helped cement the dark blonde buzz as a bona fide 2020s trend, that kind of public-facing proliferation makes it seem like a funny thing too. (“For women it’s a trend, but for guys it’s a wish list or a rite of passage look,” said David Stanko, hair color consultant and colourist at Licari Cutler in New York. GQ in 2017.) Being able to see the style on a variety of (famous) scalps means more dudes can picture it on their own scalps. If Seth can do it, maybe you can too.